Please Read Instructions The images that follow, despite their origins in paint, represent digital pieces: they have been enhanced, abused, and - finally - humiliated through the reduction to pixels. What you see is a low-resolution copy of the final piece, itself digital, and unhappy.

Should you wish to purchase one or all of these pieces (and I don't know why you would), then you will receive your New and Unique Work of Art in the following manner: a massive file will be conveyed to you via email, in all probability crashing your system; you will take this file to a digital print shop, where you will have the image reproduced on a surface of your choosing. Should you wish a Large Work of Art, then you will specify a Large Surface. A Tiny, Delicate Piece may also be produced. As the Artist, all that I insist upon is the aspect ratio.

If you wish your purchase to remain Unique, then you must erase the file after producing your print; I promise not to sell a copy of this valuable file to anyone else. If I am in a good mood, I shall also give you the bits and pieces that went into the production of your file: the original painting (which is to be considered a preparatory drawing, and not the Work Itself); the photograph that was scanned to produce your file; and, should you be a neurotic completist, the scanner itself.

If you wish to produce multiple prints from your file, that is your decision; you will of course dilute the value of your purchase, but may - through savvy marketing - make a modest (if dishonest) profit. Prices depend very much on my personal finances at the time of your offer.